Carpet Cleaning Tulse Hill

profesisonal carpet cleanersCarpets and rugs require a lot of maintenance and care, as they are a major hub for dirt and dust. Carpets that are not steam cleaned on a regular basis can affect your health in a negative way, especially if you suffer from respiratory diseases.

At Cleaners Tulse Hill we provide professional cleaning services that will restore the original look of your carpet. For carpets that look dirty, worn out and lifeless we are able to restore the quality of the original fibers, remove any dirt and most of the visible stains.

The method of steam cleaning we use will remove all the dirt and dust from your carpet without damaging its fibers. In order to achieve this we use eco friendly products and professional steam cleaning machine powered by Prochem – the leading manufacturer of carpet cleaning equipment. The products are environmentally friendly and wont leave any residue or unpleasant smells on your carpet. We will ensure that your carpet remains sparkling clean after the cleaning process.

Carpet CleaningPrices
Hallway carpet£10
Bedroom carpet£20
Living room carpet£25

Below you can find a short description of the procedures we follow

1. Pre-vacuum the carpet
2. Treat stains and stains using safe and efficient cleansing agents
3. Spray the carpet with a natural shampoo to break down dirt
4. Shampoo and wash carpet fibers-through a gentle massage
5. Extract moisture
6. Application of deodorizer
7. Then we finally groom the carpet to provide a new appearance

Our carpet cleaners have over 10 years of experience in providing professional carpet cleaning services in London. All of them are fully vetted and insured.

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